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- Published Eden Cooking School Demonstrators' Recipes, First Edition, Toronto, on February 29

- Began researching and presenting on health questions

- Coordinated and demonstrated at the Eden Cooking School in Toronto

- Completed and mounted information providing web page
- Commenced lecturing on "The Colour Code" summer of 2004
- Conceived and organized WEBb's BNI Adventure Afternoon networking event
- Attained accreditation as certified Vegetarian Cooking School Instructor
- Director, Religious Liberties, Kingsview Village Church

- Director, Health and Temperance Department, Kingsview Village Church
- Revision of the Do You Know publication series
- Publication of "The Power of Personal Penmanship" in the BIG BOOK
- Received BNI's Master Networker Award

- Publication of "New Home Construction" why you need a lawyer, Toronto Business Times, June 2002
- Received BNI's MVP Award [Most Valuable Player] BNI Chapter Award of Excellence

- Director, Communications Department, and Church Clerk, Kingsview Village

- Trekked Antarctica and Easter Island and conclusion of the 7 Continents, 7 Oceans, Millennium around-the-world cruise and return to Toronto and law practice reinvigorated

- Commencement of travel sabbatical on the 7 Continents, 7 Oceans, Millennium around-the-world cruise

- Offered e-mail communication with clients
- Commenced feeding the homeless, religious liberties, and nursing home visitation programme

- Established new law in civil procedure in Lochwin v. Wasserman - see Explanatory Notes on Reported Cases 9, and the listing under Business Law, Corporate & Commercial, Trials and Civil Litigation

- Mounting of law practice's first web page

- Established new law in family law in Orzeck v. Orzeck, which clarifyies the parental obligation to pay child support to or for a child over the age of majority, who was not in communication with the parent - see Explanatory Notes on Reported Cases 10, and the listing under Family Law and Civil Litigation

HOME PAGE: Linda Kolyn, LL.B.HOME PAGE: Linda Kolyn, Barrister and Solicitor. Legal Quotes and Counsel From Linda Kolyn.

Legal Services Offered by Linda H. Kolyn

Linda offers a diverse and well-practiced list of services for individual and corporate clients.

Since 1981, Linda has served thousands of clients with her skillful blend of:

• Decisive and penetrating legal analysis
• Litigate-to-win strategies
• Adversarial persuasion in the courtroom, during negotiations and in mediation

Linda Kolyn's areas of practice include:

• Employment Law
• Civil Litigation
• Wills and Power of Attorney
• Estate Administration and Litigation
• Domestic Contracts and Family Law
• Business Law
• Identity Fraud

Linda Kolyn's legal services include:

• Employment termination
• Human rights infractions and infrigements
• Labour relations
• Dispute resolution and adversarial litigation claims in matrimonial and common law relationships, divorce and separation
• Contracts and Business Law
• Insurance problems
• Fatal car accidents
• Expropriations and property rights
• Negligence and general litigation
• Arbitration and mediation

In Business Law, Linda Kolyn's services include:

• Advice
• Preventative and proactive counsel
• Dispute resolution
• Litigation
• Incorporations
• Leases
• Employment issues
• Contract negotiations and interpretations
• Consumer protection requirements
• E-commerce inquiries

In Civil Litigation, Linda Kolyn provides advice and negotiation in the areas of:

• Employment
• Personal injuries
• Accidents
• Residential tenancies
• Professional negligence
• Consumer protection
• Debt collection

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Eden Cooking School's blog features cutting edge vegan/vegetalien health information, product reviews and information sessions for persons interested in vegan cooking and lifestyle.

Linda Kolyn, LL.B.
Barrister & Solicitor

Bloor Islington Place
3280 Bloor Street West
Suite 1140
11th Floor, Centre Tower
Toronto Ontario
M8X 2X3

Tel: 416-236-8746
Fax: 416-236-9745

Linda Kolyn accepts VISA/MasterCard/AMEX/Discover for settlement of client accounts.


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