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- Published Eden Cooking School Demonstrators' Recipes, First Edition, Toronto, on February 29

- Began researching and presenting on health questions

- Coordinated and demonstrated at the Eden Cooking School in Toronto

- Completed and mounted information providing web page
- Commenced lecturing on "The Colour Code" summer of 2004
- Conceived and organized WEBb's BNI Adventure Afternoon networking event
- Attained accreditation as certified Vegetarian Cooking School Instructor
- Director, Religious Liberties, Kingsview Village Church

- Director, Health and Temperance Department, Kingsview Village Church
- Revision of the Do You Know publication series
- Publication of "The Power of Personal Penmanship" in the BIG BOOK
- Received BNI's Master Networker Award

- Publication of "New Home Construction" why you need a lawyer, Toronto Business Times, June 2002
- Received BNI's MVP Award [Most Valuable Player] BNI Chapter Award of Excellence

- Director, Communications Department, and Church Clerk, Kingsview Village

- Trekked Antarctica and Easter Island and conclusion of the 7 Continents, 7 Oceans, Millennium around-the-world cruise and return to Toronto and law practice reinvigorated

- Commencement of travel sabbatical on the 7 Continents, 7 Oceans, Millennium around-the-world cruise

- Offered e-mail communication with clients
- Commenced feeding the homeless, religious liberties, and nursing home visitation programme

- Established new law in civil procedure in Lochwin v. Wasserman - see Explanatory Notes on Reported Cases 9, and the listing under Business Law, Corporate & Commercial, Trials and Civil Litigation

- Mounting of law practice's first web page

- Established new law in family law in Orzeck v. Orzeck, which clarifyies the parental obligation to pay child support to or for a child over the age of majority, who was not in communication with the parent - see Explanatory Notes on Reported Cases 10, and the listing under Family Law and Civil Litigation

HOME PAGE: Linda Kolyn, LL.B.HOME PAGE: Linda Kolyn, Barrister and Solicitor. Legal Quotes and Counsel From Linda Kolyn.

HealthGuides - Authored by Linda Kolyn

Linda has always been interested in health-related topics. Since 2012, when Linda started researching and presenting on health questions, Linda has had many requests for copies of her presentations.

Linda's health presentations are collected here, downloadable as PDFs for your information and consideration. For application of this information to your specific heatth challenge, Linda urges you to consult with your own health care practitioners, and check out the Miracle Makeover health course found at www.4truth.ca.

Linda regularly coordinates the Eden Cooking School, out of the Bloor Street Church in Toronto, where she has presented some of these materials. if you would like an invitation to this complimentary event, or the complimentary cook book World of a Difference, please communicate your request in writing, and Linda will try and oblige you as quickly as possible.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my health presentations.

Linda H. Kolyn
Toronto ON, July 6 2015

Each of the links below opens a new PDF HealthGuide document:

Aromatherapy - What method of natural healing, used from mankind's earliest days, is currently trending again? Can you name the four methods of using plant essences to invigorate and heal?

Weight Loss Tips and Traps - There are four causes of excess weight. Can you name all four? Discover the six ways to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally so you lose weight. Learn the twenty foods that aid weight loss. Review the five counsels for reaching your ideal weight. Find out the eleven weight loss saboteurs so you can avoid them!

Brain Foods - Find out how to optimize your brain power. Considers nutrition, hydration, exercise, and avoidance of brain-matter killers.

Hypnotism and Television - You suspect that television is not good for your health. Can you list the 16 reasons why? Find out what to do to reverse the damage done!

Effects of Caffein(e) - Would the caffein(e) content in coffee, tea, cola and chocolate allow caffein(e)'s listing as a new drug today? What is the current state of the medical research on the effects of caffein(e) oh humans?

Natural Remedies - Cancer Prevention & Treatment - One in eight Canadians will be stricken with cancer during their lifetime. Find out how to prevent cancer and treat cancer naturally encompassing cancer fighting foods, fresh air and other forms of oxygen, amongst other remedies.

Natural Remedies - Antibiotics - Do you know the simple natural ways of boosting your immune system and using the natural antibiotic properties found in herbs, flora, fauna, fruits and vegetables to improve your health without resorting to prescription antibiotics?

Natural Remedies for Eye Health - Discover the simple and effective things you can do to optimize your eye health. Protect two of your most valuable assets.

How to Cure Inflammation Naturally - Arthritis - One in two Canadians will suffer from arthritis or some other form of permanent inflammation. Learn how to use water, diet, clothing, exercise and vacations and more to control and prevent this painful, unnecessary condition.

Note to Readers: The law office of Linda H. Kolyn is not responsible for the use or interpretation of the information provided on these HealthGuide health information documents. These documents do not constitute in any way the creation of a solicitor and client relationship.

All HealthGuides are Copyright © 2015 Linda H. Kolyn. All Rights Reserved.

Interested in healthy eating?
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